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Terms & Conditions
Our terms and conditions apply to anyone using this website and anyone who enters into correspondence with or an agreement to use images supplied by SARL Roger Moss, Balandière, 86400 Linazay, France. All images offered for use are wholly owned by the photographer Roger Moss, as is the copyright.
Please read the following notes carefully as you will be deemed to have accepted our terms & conditions of use if you enter into an agreement with us.
NB: Terms & conditions are subject to change.

Delivery of preview images....
We can send preview images by e-mail to you and/or to a third party. These low-resolution images are intended for initial viewing, selection and layout purposes only. There are no publication rights, implied or assigned for low-resolution images.
Up to 20 low-resolution images may be supplied per enquiry free of charge. Selections of more than 20 images will be charged at 25 euros. The search fees will be waived if you purchase one or more images from the selection.

Purchase of reproduction quality images...
We will supply your digital copies on CD, via ftp or e-mail, sent to an address specified by you. The images are subject to our Terms & Conditions.
If you request an original image on transparency film (when available), we will send these to an address specified by you. The images are subject to our Terms & Conditions. There will be an extra charge for postage which will be quoted to you before posting and will be added to your final purchase invoice. The transparencies must be returned unmarked to the address above within 60 days at your own expense, securely packaged and sent by recorded delivery.
All transparencies on loan are the responsibility of the client while they remain in their possession. Any losses or damage preventing resale will incur a cost depending on the image, and will be a minimum of 250 euros per image.
You have the right to use the images supplied for the purpose(s) agreed as soon as you receive them from us.
On receipt of the CD or the transparencies, check that you have what you asked for and report any problems immediately. If we do not hear from you within 7 days we will assume you have received the package and its contents in good order, and will expect payment of your invoice. We do not ask for payment before use, but ask that you pay the final purchase invoice promptly within 30 days of the invoice date.

Picture credits...
Any reproduction of images owned and authorised for use by Roger Moss must be credited - we request that images are attributed: © Roger Moss or Copyright © Roger Moss.

Publication samples...
We request that a sample copy, ,PDF or tear sheet of the publication containing the image(s) is sent to SARL Roger Moss at the above address.

Ownership of images and rights...
All images contained on the website www.picturefrance.com,and any other digital images contained on websites owned and created by SARL Roger Moss are wholly owned by the photographer Roger Moss. Reproduction or downloading (other than for on-screen browsing) of these images is prohibited.
All images contained within the picture library, and offered for publication by SARL Roger Moss via the website www.picturefrance.com or any other website owned and created by SARL Roger Moss, are wholly owned by the photographer Roger Moss. Authorised users will enter into an agreement with SARL Roger Moss to obtain rights to reproduce images which will be supplied under our stated Terms & Conditions.
The term 'reproduction' is stated here to mean the use of an image or images in a printed or digital format. The authorisation for reproduction will be for the single use of an image unless otherwise agreed with SARL Roger Moss.
Any unauthorised downloading, or any unauthorised reproduction of any image, or any part of any image, or any reproduction of any image in an altered or digitally enhanced form, will be deemed a breach of our Terms & Conditions.

Payment of invoices...
In accordance with our Terms & Conditions, SARL Roger Moss will issue an invoice for the final purchase fees with your CD or transparencies. The final fee will include any search fees, postage costs (transparencies only), and reproduction fees.
Invoices are payable within 30 days from issue unless you notify us immediately (within 7 days) of any problem.
Invoices will be calculated in euros and should be paid electronically to our bank account (IBAN details on request) or by cheque drawn on a French bank account to the address above.

Termination of agreement...
Should the authorised user choose to terminate the agreement we must be informed in writing of their intention to do so and request that any materials (CD's or transparencies) are returned safely and without delay. Refunds will only be given at the discretion of the Manager.

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